Ranga Reddy District Consumer Forum orders payment of Rs.5 lakh as compensation to patient’s kin

The Ranga Reddy District Consumer Forum on Friday ordered a multi-speciality hospital in Chandanagar to pay a compensation of Rs.5 lakh to the kin of a patient who died of medical negligence three years ago.

P. Rajashekar Reddy, son of the deceased patient P. Narasimha Reddy approached the Forum against Mythri Hospitals in 2011, holding the hospital and its doctors responsible for his father’s death.

According to the complaint, Mr. Narasimha Reddy from Medak district went to the hospital on March 12, 2010 with a high fever and was admitted the next day.

Through his five-day stay in the hospital, the doctors had maintained that everything was normal.

A number of diagnostic tests were conducted on him including liver scan and endoscopy.

Mr. Reddy’s condition continued to deteriorate and he began to complain of swollen stomach, uneasiness, breathlessness, and nausea.

Even then, the doctors continued to affirm that the patient was normal. It was only on March 17, that Mr. Reddy’s condition was declared critical , and he was shifted to a super-speciality hospital where died on the same day.

Doctors at the super-speciality hospital attributed his death to complicated Falciparum Malaria with sepsis syndrome, followed by multi-organ dysfunction, shock, acute renal failure, and hepatitis. Supporting his case with documentary evidence, Mr. Rajashekar Reddy alleged that his father died due to gross medical negligence on part of the doctors at Mythri Hospital.

Ranga Reddy District Consumer Court president R.Gopala Krishan Murthy held the hospital along with two doctors Nagendra Prasad and Ravi Prakash responsible for the patient’s death, and ordered them to pay a compensation of Rs.5 lakh to his wife.

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