Hyderabad Metro Rail technical experts - C.B.K. Rao, G.P. Garg, S.P. Iyer and V.S. Raju inspected the stage one works of Nagole-Mettuguda stretch and Uppal depot and casting yard works looking into detailed technical specifications, designs and drawings of the ongoing foundation-pier works.

They emphasised on continuous quality checks and quality control measures during the construction stage to the L&TMRH engineers as well the Independent Engineer, Louis Berger. Special care should be taken in concretising pier caps and any cement filling with even a small honeycomb should be rejected.

Mr. Rao was involved in the Delhi Metro construction as its Director (civil engineering) while Mr. Garg is the former Chief Commissioner of Railway Safety who had issued the safety certificate for it.

Mr. Iyer is a former principal chief engineer of Indian Railways and has worked on metro rail projects abroad while Prof. Raju is a former IIT Delhi Director and an authority on geotechnical engineering. These are among the nine technical experts on HMR rolls overseeing the project, an official spokesman said.

The engineers also offered to take up training sessions for the L&TMRH engineers and share their experience in carrying out a large number of bridge works in the railways and metro systems.

HMR MD N.V.S. Reddy, L&TMRH Project Director M.P. Naidu, Louis Berger team leader John Carrington and senior officials attended the programme.

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