The Greater City Number Plate Makers Association (GCNPMA) claimed that the High Security Number Plates (HSRP) for vehicles could be tampered with and wanted the government to scrap installation of HSRP that was made mandatory for new vehicles from Thursday in the State.

Snap locking system

The authorities introduced HSRP citing that they were equipped with snap locking system and other safety features that make them tamper proof and cannot be removed from vehicles unless broken. “But that is not the case, these plates can be tampered and even the logo and hologram can be tampered using petrol,” claimed M. Srinivasulu, general secretary of GCNPMA.

“We are ready to give a demonstration to the Transport Commissioner about the ineffectiveness of HSRP. This will put an additional burden on vehicle owners,” he alleged at a press conference on Monday.

There are over 1,000 registered number plate makers and over 5,000 families are eking their livelihood by preparing and installing number plates to vehicles. All these families who have been involved in making number plates since many years would lose their livelihood if the government insists on installation of HSRP, said GCNPMA president Mohd. Ahmed.

While, a conventional number plate costs Rs.60 for a two-wheeler, HSRP would cost about Rs. 245 and for cars it goes up to Rs. 620.

Perhaps considering all these factors, not many States introduced HSRP in the country, and Andhra Pradesh should also follow suit, he said.

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