The music video has the strumming of guitar coupled wih Rajasthani folk music

A group of musicians with varied interests came together to pay homage to Vande Maataram and Independence Day.

Running close to four minutes, the ‘Vande Maataram’ music video has the strumming of the indigenised guitar of Jaywant Naidu with the rustic style of Manganiar group, the skilled folk musicians from the Muslim community of Barmer, Rajasthan.

Chance meeting

A chance meeting and an earlier collaboration led to the making of the music and the video, which was shot at the scenic Taramati Baradari, Golconda.

“Two years ago, I collaborated with an American trumpet player Charlie Porter for Jana Gana Mana. I happened to meet the members of Bhutte Khan Manganiar group who have come to Hyderabad to perform for several shows.

“After listening to Jana Gana Mana on trumpet and my guitar, they wanted to work with me,” Jaywant explains.

The group took a day to record the song at Keerthana Studios and another day to make the music video.

“The Khan group is spontaneous and sang Vande Maataram in its inimitable style. They are natural musicians, and I had a tough time to fuse my guitar riffs with their sound and style of singing.

“We wanted to dedicate this song to the country on the occasion of Independence Day,” he says.


The video also features dancers from the Kalbeliyas, who belong to the snake charmers community.

“Bhutte Khan Junior has sung his heart out in his typical rustic Rajasthani folk style.

“We will be soon uploading the music video on the YouTube and also planning to release it to television channels for broadcasting. We are not expecting any kind of monetary benefits from this endeavour,” Jaywant says.

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