Hounding customers to pay their bills is a loathsome task. So in a change of tact the Water Board has planned to appeal to their good sense. Beginning this month end, the Board will launch a massive campaign in different parts of the city to educate people on the importance of water they take for granted. However little or erratic it might be providing potable water costs a lot. This message will be sent across to the customers in clear terms. Through posters, hand bills and group meetings, the Board intends to tell the consumers that though water is a free good but a huge cost is incurred on making it potable. “Help us to help you. That's what we are going to tell people”, said Dr. A. Ashok the new executive director, HMWSSB. He said the Board would hold meetings in different localities and sensitise people. If the arrears are more the Board might allow the consumers to pay in easy instalments.

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