Alleges that two cheques with same numbers presented at two Mumbai branches of Bank of Baroda

The Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) secretary, M. V. Sridhar, lodged a complaint on Tuesday with the Uppal police station alleging that two cheques bearing the same numbers were presented at the Bank of Baroda at two different branches in Mumbai by M/s Blue Enterprises.

“We are informed by the UCO Bank Chief Manager that some fraud was suspected in this subject as both the cheques seem to be photocopies of the original ones and hence were returned,” Sridhar, said in his complaint.

Forgery alleged

The HCA secretary also stated that no transaction had taken place with the Mumbai firm. The signatures on the two cheques also did not tally with that of the authorised signatories, HCA president G. Vinod and treasurer Naresh Sharma. “Apparently, these two cheques were forged,” Sridhar said in the complaint.

Ironically, it is the same police station which has been asked by a court recently to enquire into a complaint against the HCA secretary himself and president regarding alleged withdrawal of money in contravention of the bylaws.

A startled top brass of the HCA held a meeting at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium on Tuesday to advise its bankers to temporarily freeze the account so that no unauthorised person may withdraw money from it. The HCA secretary also said that the cheque books were being returned to the bank.

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