The team of ‘Ek Tha Sardaar’, which will be released by August-end, feels that it has put its best to make it a memorable movie for Hyderabadi film lovers

The very mention of the Hindi film ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ may certainly bring back memories of how it turned the spotlight on to itself and how it stood second only to ‘Three Idiots’, garnering revenues of about Rs.200 crore.

That being the case, A new film titled ‘Ek Tha Sardaar’ ‘(ETS), produced by Minar Film Productions and Mohammed Taufeeq, a city-based businessman, who is passionate about cinema, is all set for release by August-end. Directed by Secandder, it is showcased as one that will surely take Hyderabadi cinema to greater heights.

Goes without saying that ‘Angrez’ and ‘Hyderabad Nawabs’, apart from the hilarious ‘Gullu Dada’ series will be filmi products that will remain etched in the minds of most Hyderabadis. It is in the same vein that the entire cast and crew of ETS have put in their best to make it a memorable film that will take Hyderabadi cinema up a notch like never before and catapult it into the higher echelons of film appreciation.

ETS has among others, Mukesh Rishi, who is a pretty familiar ‘villain’ in the Telugu film industry, his latest of appearance being as ‘Bhai’ the baddie in ‘Singam 2’ with Suriya. “The moment Secandder and Taufeeq told me, I was excited. It is not as if I am new to Hyderabad. I have always had a liking for the south and hence the excitement. It was great working with the entire team, including Adnan Sajid Khan a.k.a. Gullu dada and the popular RK Mama,” he said, amidst laughter, when asked about his experience in ETS.

‘Hyderabadi cinema’ has come to attain the status of a genre unto itself, not just considering the typical lingo of the City of Pearls, but even given the culture and tradition of the Deccan. “It is this that we seek to portray in ETS and we are extremely satisfied because a star of the stature of Mukesh Rishi has teamed up with us,” said Mohammad Taufeeq, who himself has an important role in the film, as the protagonist.

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