A brain stroke, partial paralysis, a battle with cancer and a bypass surgery later, the retd. Additional SP still does a 10-kilometre run every single day

Nothing deters him! Not a brain stroke, a cancerous growth, stones in his stomach or even five blocks in his heart.

Overcoming all these hurdles, 63-year-old retired Additional SP Hari Har Singh, is training hard to complete yet another 10-kilometre run during the upcoming Hyderabad Marathon in the relays category next Sunday.

In fact, finishing a 10K run is no big deal for this Sardar.

“I do it daily since I underwent a series of surgeries. This is my way of motivating and telling youngsters that one should not neglect a playground. If they do, then they might as well get ready to be hospitalised,” he says.

His daily routine could easily put the young to shame.

“At 3 a.m., I start from my home in Hanuman Tekdi and head to Tank Bund. I run along the Tank Bund stretch for 80 to 90 minutes and later do Pranayama for 90 minutes. I keep a tab on my diet and make sure that I eat small portions for at least five to six times a day,” he reveals.

The ordeal for Mr. Singh, began in 2000 when he suffered a brain stroke and suffered partial paralysis. In the next five years, the retired police officer underwent surgery that involved removal of 80 per cent of cancerous part of the stomach, a heart bypass surgery to clear five blocks and again a stomach surgery to remove stones.

By the end of so many life-altering surgeries, the will to survive and fight usually wanes away.

“I never even thought of giving up. I started jogging for good health in 2005. Since then, I am a regular in the Hyderabad 10K run and hopefully I would participate in the relay marathon too. I want young people to be active, fit and always healthy,” he adds.

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