A typical village woman, Y. Anjamma draws a blank if anyone asks her about her age. Crime and investigation are too big words for her to understand.

But she strongly believed that her husband Y. Narsimhulu, was innocent when the Nallakunta police arrested him two months ago on charge of murdering a couple in local Padma colony. With the Narayanaguda police arresting another person, Ramachandra Rathore, in the same case recently, the poor woman's stand gained strength.

“He doesn't even dare argue with me, so he killing a couple is a flimsy charge. No one bought my argument then,” sobs the woman. “Can police sirs explain how my husband is guilty when someone else is arrested in the same case,” she asks innocently. Neither the Commissioner's Task Force (East) team that caught Narsimhulu nor the Nallakunta police who formally arrested him are ready to answer.

Narsimhulu's son, Yadaiah, who discontinued studies after Intermediate, says his father was in their house on the intervening night of July 2 and 3 when the double murder was committed. “He woke up around 5 a.m. and left for our Veerlapally village in Ranga Reddy district on some work. If my father killed the couple, why did not sniffer dogs even enter our house,” he questions.

Arrest of Narsimhulu, a building watchman earning Rs. 3,000 a month, came as a rude jolt to his family. While his wife and elder daughter Manjula work as maids, the younger daughter Roja is in fifth standard.

While police higher-ups are keeping mum having ordered an inquiry into the arrest of the watchman, the family is running from pillar to post seeking justice.

They already met the Home Minister P. Sabitha Indra Reddy, and are appealing to everyone to help set free Narsimhuluat least on bail.

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