The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is planning to construct 6,000 plus rain water harvesting structures at a total cost of Rs.6 crore. Each of the five zones are to have 1,500 structures and a sum of Rs.10,000 is to be spent on a single rain water harvesting structure, stated Commissioner M.T. Krishna Babu on Tuesday.

He advised the Zonal Commissioners in a teleconference to go for tenders and also involve a few reputed non-governmental organisations in the construction. Residential Welfare Associations should also be involved in the programme so that similar structures could be taken up in the private properties too.

Educational institutions having large swathes of land should be encouraged to go for them and even the perennial water stagnation points dotting several roads in the capital can be utilised to build water harvesting units with proper protection from the outside, a press release said.

Bio-compost shed

Mr. Krishna Babu also offered to bear the cost of building a bio-compost shed in residential colonies and gated communities to give a fillip to the two bin system and bio-compost processes.

The tricycle rickshaw-puller collecting household garbage too would be trained in segregating wet and dry waste in the shed itself.

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