The protracted dispute between South Central Railway (SCR) and GHMC over compensation to widen the Sangeet junction -Tarnaka stretch has finally reached a solution. The arbitration committee, consisting of eminent judges, has fixed the value of five properties of SCR, located between Tarnaka and Sangeet theatre, at Rs. 1.95 crore, a press release from GHMC said.

The arbitration committee consisting of Justice M. Jagannadha Rao, Justice S. S. Khadri and Jagdeeswar Reddy on Sunday also issued proceedings on the dispute, as both the SCR and GHMC have agreed for the settlement.

The SCR will handover the properties to GHMC, thus paving the way to take up the much delayed road widening works along the stretch.

Earlier, GHMC had offered to pay Rs. 1.95 crore towards structural compensation. The SCR officials, however, had demanded Rs. 5 crore for the defunct and dilapidated buildings to be handed over to GHMC for road widening the key stretch.

The SCR officials, earlier, had demanded structural compensation for the entire structure rather than the standard municipal formula of paying only to the extent of a property demolished for road widening.

Recently, the GHMC had releases Rs. 60 lakh to take up extensive road repairs on the entire stretch.

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