Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) election authorities are recording the entire electioneering by “star campaigners” of each political party through videos to check for adherence to model code of conduct. The police too will be requested to ensure that public is not inconvenienced when processions or roadside meetings are held. Suitable steps will also be taken to see that there was no overlap of processions or meetings by different political parties in the same area, said Commissioner S.P. Singh and Special Commissioner M.T. Krishna Babu at a press conference here on Friday in response to a question about traffic jams due to the election campaign.

Additional Commissioner (Works) K. Dhananjaya Reddy will be heading a three member team including Chief City Planner B. Purushothama Reddy and Chief Medical Officer of Health Jairam to strictly enforce the code by contesting candidates and parties. The 33 IAS/IFS officers appointed by State Election Commission (SEC) as election observers will also start pouring into the accounts submitted by each and every candidate at least three times before the poll day on November 23.

Mr. Singh advised candidates not to spend more than the Rs. 2 lakh limit fixed lest they be disqualified later on for transgressions. Mr. Krishna Babu said 22,265 banners and posters were seized so far but no case has been filed for code violation. Municipal Corporation's toll free number, – 155304 - currently functioning from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. to enable voters to locate their respective polling station, will function round the clock soon to register in poll related complaints by anyone. Citizens can also log onto for locating polling stations.Number of polling stations are 5,718 including 333 auxiliary polling stations.

There are 56, 93,873 voters (2.5 lakh new ones) in GHMC eligible to exercise their franchise and 33,975 poll personnel will be deployed. Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) were dispatched to distribution centers and second round of randomisation will be done on Nov.15th in the presence of observers and candidates.

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