Power discom CPDCL is in a fix over the municipal body's refusal to continue permission for fences around transformers in Hyderabad’s Metro Zone

A volte-face done by present GHMC Commissioner M. T. Krishna Babu as soon as he left his earlier chair as the Chairman and Managing Director of CPDCL, is causing trouble for the discom in protecting its power transformers from litter.

As the CMD of the company, Mr. Krishna Babu had approved a plan of allowing sheet-metal fences around the company’s distribution transformers in the Metro Zone area.

The fences were to be erected and maintained by a private agency, which in turn would use the six-foot metal sheets to display advertisements and derive income. The CPDCL too would get space on the fencing to display its slogans, while the GHMC would get royalty. The private agency that had mooted the proposal erected a model fencing around the transformer near Lakdikapul.

Eventually, GHMC too had accorded its approval, and fences came up around a few transformers in various localities of the city. The results were found to be satisfactory, as the private agency ensured hygiene near the transformer.

However, once Mr. Krishna Babu assumed charge as GHMC Commissioner, he made an about-turn and refused to continue permission for the fences, as they occupied footpath space at quite a few locations.


Rubbish strewn around the distribution transformers has become a perennial problem for the company. Even cement fences constructed around the transformers proved ineffective, as people found it convenient to throw garbage into the fence. Many transformer blasts and fire accidents have been sourced to garbage catching fire near transformers.

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