Telugu Desam Party president N. Chandrababu Naidu exhorted the leaders of backward class communities and weaker sections to take the debate on which political party is capable of empowering BCs to grassroots level.

“The battle lines are already drawn and the next 40 days will be crucial to BCs to realise their dream of political power,” he said. There was already a debate on the TDP’s promise of making a BC leader the Chief Minister of Telangana and the BCs and weaker sections, in particular, were looking at the TDP as the party committed to their welfare.

Mr. Naidu was critical of the Congress for ‘lacking an agenda’ for the ensuing elections while the TRS was chalking out plans to give plum posts to K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s son and daughter. “The Congress is all but wiped out and the TRS, if voted to power, will usher in the feudal/landlords dominance in the Telangana region,” he said.

It was the TDP that brought out its BC declaration in 2012, much ahead of the State bifurcation, and the party was committed to work for the all-round development of these communities. It was for the BCs and weaker sections to take the challenge of ensuring TDP’s victory so that their social, political and financial empowerment would become a reality soon.

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