The Forum of IT Professionals (ForIT) have opposed the hike of application fee for H-1B, L-1B visas which was announced recently By US administration and demanded the government to oppose the visa fees hike.

The increase in visa fees will increase the total expenditure of IT firms by 250 million dollars per year and this move would hit badly on Indian IT firms which are recovering from the impact of recession, said Y. Kiran Chandra from ForIT in a press statement on Friday.

Mr. Chandra further stated that the increase in visa fees would hit career opportunities as IT firms may cut down on the number of people being sent for on-site projects. He also said that it was a protectionist measure with the motive to cut down outsourcing jobs as the funds from raised visa fees will be used to strengthen security along US-Mexico border.

ForIT demanded the government to oppose the visa fees hike by putting it forward in the WTO. Given to the importance of a robust IT sector in India, the government must take up the issue seriously and resolve it urgently, Mr. Chandra added.

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