Weapons were lying near Gandhi Hospital

A double barrel firearm, some ammunition and an airgun were found in two dustbins behind Gandhi Hospital on Friday.

The weapons stuffed in a gunny bag were lying in the litter bin near Gandhi Hospital rear gate in Padmaraonagar around 7.30 a.m. Municipal workers cleaning the roads were surprised on seeing the gunny bag.

They opened it only to find the firearm and the airgun and called in the Chilakalguda police.

Minutes earlier, municipal workers found a steel box in another litter bin in neighbouring Shabajiguda, two km away from Gandhi Hospital, with different types of bullets.

“The firearm is an old one, made some 40 years ago,” Inspector B. Anjaiah said.

The box contained 50 US-made bullets of .357 calibre. Twenty two bullets of .30-06 Springfield rifle, live rounds of .22 calibre and a few empty cartridges of .22 calibre, along with 100 pellets, were also inside the box.

Police said the airgun could be purchased by anyone but they were more concerned about the double barrel gun, the possession of which requires a gun licence. “Apparently, someone dumped them secretly but we’re clueless about them,” the police said.

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