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Updated: April 4, 2013 04:41 IST

Fighting nightmares, Sravani needs a humane touch

M. Sai Gopal
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B. Sravani, who suffered injuries in the recent Dilsukhnagar blasts, undergoing treatment at a city hospital.
B. Sravani, who suffered injuries in the recent Dilsukhnagar blasts, undergoing treatment at a city hospital.

Apart from a broken jaw, the 20-year-old lost her hearing, had her spinal cord fractured, sustained burns and suffered nerve damage to her right hand, besides slipping into depression

The last one-and-a-half months have been the most traumatic for Sravani, an engineering student and one of the victims of the Dilsukhnagar twin blasts on February 21.

The 20-year-old sustained a broken jaw, lost her sense of hearing, had her spinal cord fractured, sustained burns and suffered nerve damage to her right hand when the blasts ripped through the busy commercial area.

Sravani was rushed to Care Hospital, immediately after the blast. She was discharged after 13 days of treatment and her family was given no information about the long-term rehabilitation or treatment to be followed.

Relief short-lived

Confined to the bed, things did not seem to head anywhere even as Sravani tried hard to come to terms with the shock while her family watched helplessly.

The Hindu had highlighted Sravani’s plight in its columns on March 12, which prompted the State authorities to act and the very next day they offered to shift her to the Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (NIMS) for treatment. But, the relief was short-lived.

“We were assured of a private room and 24-hour medical assistance at NIMS but within two days, she was shifted to the general ward and left unattended,” charges Harikanth B. Goud, her brother, livid with the lack of humane touch and indifference of the government departments towards the blasts’ victims.

Sravani also needs a surgery on her right ear. But NIMS has no ENT surgeon presently.

“The doctors advised us to get the operation done elsewhere without giving any information about who will pay for the surgery,” he says.

Turn for worse

So distraught was Sravani at the turn of events that she started slipping into depression.

“She started having nightmares after they shifted her to the general ward which had patients awaiting plastic surgery. With male patients all round and no privacy, she was feeling uncomfortable. She frequently cried, refused to eat and even threw up whatever little she ate,” recalls a despondent Manga, her mother, on the horrific experience at NIMS.

“Instead of recovering, my daughter was slipping into depression. We had no option but to bring her home,” she says. Sravani’s case is another indicator of the government’s lack of any long-term rehabilitation plan. Even if there is one in place, the blast victims are surely ignorant.

When contacted, Arogyasri officials maintained that Sravani was accorded proper care at NIMS and the family on its own volition requested for discharge.

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may god bless her and god will definately show her a way. There are so many charitable institutions which can come forward and help her if the Govt. will not reconcile.

from:  bhuvan
Posted on: Apr 4, 2013 at 19:46 IST

I suggest the Government to appoint a special officer of the level of IAS who should be given powers to ensure that the victims of bomb blast are given (1) proper treatment (2) Rehabilitation (3) Required Certificate/s of disability (4) Followup with Government so that the announced ex-gratis is paid and/or Job is given (5) redress the grievances of bomb victims.
There are lot of Government Officers who are active/takes initiative/influence the Gvoernment Officers/has nature to help thje public/can take this job as a challenge. By doing this Government will get good reputation and the victims will ever be indebted to the Government.

from:  B Radha Krishna
Posted on: Apr 4, 2013 at 11:20 IST

I am really saddened at the neglect of the government to its citizen's
plight. She is a blast victim, something that the govt has to take blame
for its inability to provide security! I hope she gets proper treatment

from:  Rati
Posted on: Apr 4, 2013 at 10:08 IST

Thanks to The Hindu for doing service to these blast victims by
reporting their plight. It's well know how apathetic our governments
are. The make all bogus claims to divert public attention. But I least
expected this especially in this case as Prime Minister himself
visited them and assured better treatment, etc. I wonder if these
officials who are neglecting the blast victims will behave with same
attitude if their own son or daughter meets the same fate? They have
to do true soul searching. How long a newspaper or another media will
run behind concerned authorities? Just be sensitive towards your
duties if not others welfare.

from:  Kiran
Posted on: Apr 4, 2013 at 04:01 IST

Very sad to see her condition. May be no one can understand the pain
unless experienced. Govt should issue identity card or any kind of
letter which would permit them to get treatment at any hospital.
Hospitals around the state should have a provision to retrieve the
case details with ID number and whatever costs incurred for the
treatment should be linked to that Id and govt should be paying it. In
first place it is governments responsibility to provide security to
the citizens and if something goes wrong at least then govt should
take care of them till they are fully cured and start living a normal

from:  Santhosh
Posted on: Apr 4, 2013 at 02:50 IST
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