Tens of thousands of faithful offer special prayers at Idgahs and mosques across Hyderabad

As rains took a day off and the sun shone bright, Muslims across the city celebrated Id-ul-Fitr on Friday. Tens of thousands of faithful offered special prayers at Idgahs and mosques across the city on the occasion.

Id, celebrated on the first day of the month of Shawwal, follows the pious month of Ramzan and is much awaited by the community. The largest congregation was witnessed at Idgah Mir Alam where nearly 2 lakh people offered Namaz-e-Eid. Moulana Abdullah Quraishi Al-Azhari led the prayers at the Idgah.

The faithful also offered prayers at Idgah Madannapet, Idgah Bilali, Idgah Sayeednagar, Idgah Yousufguda, Mecca Masjid and Shahi Masjid Public Gardens. After prayers, they also visited graveyards as a mark of respect for the departed souls.

With Id over, it was time for feast at home where family members and guests were treated to mouth-watering sewiyan and sheer-kurma, apart from qubani-ka-meetha, double-ka-meetha and biryani.

Children were an excited lot as they were presented ‘Idi’ by elders. A festive atmosphere prevailed across the city, especially in the southern and western areas, with small fairs being held at various places.

Police made elaborate bandobast arrangements at all places to prevent untoward incidents.

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