Do you know that you can defend yourself without the fear of legal implications? When faced with grave threats, one, especially a woman, should not restrain herself because of legal provisions as the law explicitly permits citizens to defend themselves, personality development trainer Arun Kumar Jaiswal said.

In these turbulent times one should be prepared to defend oneself, Mr. Jaiswal said. He was delivering a lecture at a self-defence workshop held here on Sunday. More than 50 youngsters participated in the workshop organised by Junior Jaycee Wing of JCI Hyderabad Deccan.

Women and girls can carry items such as pepper spray and pocket knife, less than two inch long, he pointed out. However, carrying such items does not protect a person automatically, and girls should develop a proper mental attitude, he said.

“One can learn self-defence techniques, martial arts and carry protective weapons, but without proper mental attitude there is a possibility that they will freeze when confronted with a threat. Because of this one has to train both the mind and the body to tackle any eventuality,” Jaiswal explained.

“Along with this, one should also develop a sense of keen observation, so that one can identify trouble in advance. The best type of fight is the one that we can avoid. By developing proper mental attitude one can smell trouble and avoid tight spots without going through the entire trouble,” he said.

Participants in the workshop also got hands-on experience in self-defence techniques as they were taken through the drill by Kick Boxing trainer Suresh Patil. JCI will continue to conduct training sessions on all Sundays at Erramanzil Community Hall, Junior Jaycee wing Chairperson Sheetall Nahata said.

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