Friends and relatives, with support from an organisation called Action Committee of Mahabubnagar Bus Fire Accident Victims have resolved to stage a dharna on November 15 seeking justice for the families of victims.

Committee coordinator Sudhakar, who has been networking with the family members of the unfortunate victims, 17 of whom were young professionals, has lost a relative, Akshay Singh, who was just 22-years-old. He said what emerged out of the initial discussions among themselves was the demand for justice and not just monetary compensation.

He regretted that even after two weeks of the ghastly accident, the ‘real culprits’ responsible were not brought to book.

“Jabbar Travels owner Mr. Shakeel was arrested and released and the driver Shareef will be freed soon. Who is responsible for these murders?” he asked, demanding the arrests of the owner of the bus, of Road Transport Authority officials who issued permits and that of the Transport Minister, owning moral responsibility.

Dr. Sudhakar demanded safety measures in buses - including speed governors, to be made mandatory.

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