Police arrest gang of 21 persons who trick gullible persons with the promise of Ayurvedic medicines to cure serious ailments

The modus operandi is old, but there are many who would fall for it.

The gangsters scout for people suffering from a serious skin ailment or condition or baldness and claim that one of their relatives who suffered from the same was completely cured by an Ayurvedic doctor. The surreptitious referral of the doctor would invariably convince the prospective victim to pay a visit to the doctor, where he would literally be milked dry for a supposed Ayurvedic medicine.

Adulterated medicine

The medicine would apparently be nothing but coloured and scented water. This technique of luring people has been reported from several areas in the twin cities and ultimately the police managed to catch up with the tricksters.

On Saturday, the Central Zone police announced that they had arrested a gang of 21 persons who used this trick repeatedly to cheat gullible people. While 19 of them were residents of Gokak village in Belgaum district Karnataka, two of their accomplices hailed from Hyderabad.

According to the zonal DCP, Tarun Joshi, the gang members would spread out all over Hyderabad and scout for people suffering from leukoderma, baldness, psoriasis or even the visually and speech-impaired people.

Glib talk

They would strike a conversation with them to inform that their close relative or brother who suffered from a similar condition was completely cured by an Ayurvedic doctor. With their glib talk, they would convince them to try out the Ayurvedic medicine.

They would initially give the contact number of the doctor to the victim, but invariably, they would ensure that the victim would request them to accompany them to the doctor.

The gangsters would have rented a place in a posh locality where the victim would walk in. The ‘doctor’ who would be equally glib would convince him that he could be cured and then the real drama would begin.

Economic analysis

Depending on the economic condition of the patient, the price of the medicine would vary. It could range from Rs. 4 lakh for medicines to be given for the three-month treatment period. Police investigations revealed that they prepare the faux medicine using coconut oil and colours used in ‘muggu’ and ‘sanjeera’ powder.

They would use a few original reputed Ayurvedic products to gain the confidence of consumers. While they spend about Rs. 40 per kg, the ‘medicine’ would be sold at a staggering rate of Rs. 100 to Rs. 3,000 per gram.

Mr. Joshi said the gangsters had operated from Minerva Complex, Swapnalok Complex in Secunderabad, Maheshwari Chambers in Somajiguda, Raghavaratna Towers in Abids and at some other places in Himayatnagar. Generally, they would disappear within two months after collecting money from patients and shift their base to a different location.

Authorities have seized Rs 6.71 lakh in cash, a car, six motorcycles, 15 cell phones and fake medicines from their possession. Sub-Inspectors G. Rajendar Goud, Nayeemuddin, B. Kantha Reddy of Abids station, Maqsood Ali of Narayanguda station, Inspectors G. Guru Raghavendra and Narsimha Reddy, ACP B. Limba Reddy and their staff worked out the case. The arrested have been remanded to judicial custody.

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