Seminar on security of women in Islam a big draw

Speakers at a seminar stressed on the importance of teaching good manners and conduct to children and insisted that proper upbringing of children at home by instilling the core values was the only way-out to rectify the situation.

Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rehmani, secretary, All-India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), said teaching of moral values to children had taken a backseat. “In the wake of the Delhi rape incident, several suggestions were being made about punishing the accused. This will not solve the problem without first changing the mindset of the people by instilling moral values,” Mr. Rehmani said.

He was addressing the seminar on ‘Security of women in Islam’ which was organised by the Tafheem-e-Shariah Muhim (Movement for understanding of Islamic Law) of AIMPLB here on Monday. A large number of women and girls attended the programme held in the backdrop of the Delhi rape incident.

Sameena Tahseen, president, Muslim Women’s Intellectual Forum, said fathers should set an example for boys on how to behave with women. The bad influence of TV, movies and Internet will have no bearing on children if proper character building was done at home, she observed.

Mah Jabeen, associate professor, Royal Institute of Technology and Science, said modesty was part of faith and it should not be lost sight of at any cost.

Western influence

Moulana Abdul Raheem Qureshi, assistant general secretary, AIMPLB, said the West lacked moral values and following it blindly would be foolish. Jaleesa Sultana Yaseen, advocate, through a power-point presentation, gave a detailed account of atrocities against women.

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