Following an argument over the unpaid dues, Amaresh attacked his in-laws, smashing their heads with a hammer, killing them on the spot. His wife, Parvathi, too was an accomplice in the crime. The duo then fled with Rs. 80,000 kept in the almirah

The mystery surrounding the murder of an elderly couple at their residence in Green City, Budwel, Rajendranagar a few weeks ago was unravelled by Cyberabad police, with the arrest of the victims’ daughter and her husband on Thursday.

K. Amaresh, 38, a hotel worker and his wife Parvathi, 30, allegedly attacked the elderly couple D. Babu Rao, 75, and D. Bhagirathi, 60, by smashing their heads with a hammer and escaped with the Rs. 80, 000 that was kept in an almirah.

After crime, couple go on pilgrimage

After committing the crime, they spent Rs. 20,000 to visit religious places at Gaya, Varanasi and Vijayawada. They returned home to Gandipet, 20 days after the crime when police took them into custody.

The accused have confessed to killing Rao, a welding workshop owner and his wife Bhagirathi due to financial disputes. Rao had taken money from Amaresh, promising him that he would repay the amount shortly, but failed to do so even after repeated pleas. Rao had also got Rs.16 lakh after selling his house in Budwel recently.

Rao had invited Amaresh and Parvathi to celebrate Holi at his house-cum-welding workshop last month.

At Rao’s house, a heated argument took place between Amaresh and Rao over the repayment of dues, said Rajendranagar ACP A. Muthyam Reddy.

Amaresh then attacked the elderly couple with a hammer and killed them on the spot.

The duo then locked the house and fled with the money. The murder came to light when a domestic worker peeped through the window and found the couple dead.

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