An eight-year-old boy died after he fell into a nala that was not properly covered at Bilal Nagar in the Old City on Sunday evening.

Asif Mohiuddin who left his home for a local shop slipped and fell into the nala through a small opening in the slab, near Khaja Hotel in Bilal Nagar around 6.30 p.m. Another boy who noticed it tried to inform people but was not taken seriously by them. Parents of Asif who started searching for the boy when he did not return home got the information and they tried to check the nala also.

Body retrieved

Few labourers were summoned and they managed to enter the nala and retrieve the body which was shifted to a local hospital.

Mayor Mohd. Majid Hussain and MLA Moazzam Khan also visited the hospital and consoled the parents.

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