The shed is within 200 metres of the monument

The Forum For A Better Hyderabad has strongly objected to the construction of a shed and compound within 200 meters of the Charminar. The structure has come up on its north-western side and well within the regulated area. What is deplorable is that the ‘attack on heritage’ was by the Charminar police station.

In a statement, Forum president M. Vedakumar demanded that the Archaeological Survey of India, HMDA, GHMC, Hyderabad Collector and city police take immediate steps to stop the construction and remove what has been built.

That ASI nod was not sought for the construction is evident from the statement of conservation assistant Kutumba Rao.

Even otherwise, no construction can take place within the regulated area of the monument.

Additional construction within Charminar precincts without permission was not allowed as per the Hyderabad Urban Area Regulation Act, Mr. Vedakumar said.

ASI caught napping?

He wondered why the ASI outpost at Charminar could not keep watch.

“Similar oversight, rather intentional closure of eyes, led to disturbance of peace in the city recently,” Mr. Vedakumar said, while demanding an explanation from the ASI and the GHMC.

He said Charminar was poised for UNESCO World Heritage Site status such incidents would minimise the possibilities of the award.


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