Unless the monsoon comes to the rescue of citizens, the drawal of water from Osmansagar will have to be stopped by next week. Dead algae and turbidity have made the reservoir's water unfit for consumption. Therefore, the Water Board has decided to gradually reduce drawal from this principal reservoir and supplement Osmansagar-served areas with Krishna water.

Beginning Tuesday, authorities will be diverting the Krishna water to the Asifngar Filters gradually increasing the quantum to 10 mgd. The transition will be slow so as not to affect the system. The Water Board approved a contingency action plan to this effect on Monday.

However, there would be no excess drawal of water from the Krishna. The city would get the same quantum of 180 mgd but the areas getting the Krishna water would get short supplies now since 10 mgd would be diverted to meet the needs of Division IV, part of division III and VI. On Monday, Osmansagar had 0.183 tmcft of water, against 0.732 tmcft on the same day last year.

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