An attempt by unauthorised persons to illegally sell off a piece of land belonging to Victoria Memorial Home was foiled by alert Revenue officials in Hyderabad on Friday

An attempt by unauthorised persons to illegally sell off a piece of land belonging to Victoria Memorial Home in Saroornagar through forged documents was foiled by alert Revenue officials, here on Friday.

Alert Revenue official

As per details shared by Revenue officials, one Vijay Kumar Pandey from Himayatnagar approached Chandra Reddy, the Deputy Collector-Tahsildar of Saroornagar mandal two days ago seeking authentication of the ownership documents of a piece of land measuring 18 acres and 19 kuntas.

He was accompanied by a prospective buyer named Qureshi who reportedly arrived from Mumbai to buy the land and then mortgage it in a bank for a loan.

Mr. Pandey brought a bunch of documents, which included photocopies of what was claimed to be the proceedings issued in 2011 by the then Tahsildar G. Surender Reddy.

Also submitted were copies of title deed and Pass Book, both purportedly signed by the same Tahsildar, and a copy of the “legal opinion”. He also produced a General Power of Attorney in his name signed by the “land owner”.

Mr. Chandra Reddy asked them to come back after two days with the original documents. Meanwhile, he grew suspicious about the legality of ownership as the survey numbers mentioned in the documents were of the land where the VM Home stood.

Mismatch of numbers

Further details of the proceedings were not found in the files of Saroornagar mandal office. The file number mentioned in the photocopies submitted pertained to a different village Jalpally and also a series mismatch was discovered with regard to the Pass Book and Title Deed numbers.

Upon crosschecking with Mr. Surender Reddy, who had already retired from service, Mr. Chandra Reddy came to know that none of the documents had been signed or issued by him. The two persons, who were to return on Friday, did not turn up either.

Bigger racket

Suspecting a bigger racket of forged documents behind this, Mr. Chandra Reddy lodged a complaint with Saroornagar Police.

He also made sure that no transaction be recorded with the survey numbers before alerting Mr. Qureshi on phone.

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