A shift is taking place in the way people access the internet, with more and more people preferring to browse the web on smartphones and tablets.

Compared to last year, data consumption using various devices has increased manifold due to which the need for internet-on-the go was being felt, said S. Ramakrishna, Head-Mobility Business Unit, AP, Tata Docomo.

To cater to this demand, Tata Docomo introduced Photon Max Wi-Fi that could be used to create a hotspot wherever required, to power up to five devices.

Launching the dongle that doubles as a Wi-Fi hotspot at speeds of up to 6.2 megabits per second and priced at Rs.1,999, he said there were several monthly plans from Rs.650 to Rs.1,500, depending upon the average monthly usage.

The new device came with higher video speeds to allow data-hungry applications to run seamlessly between multiple-users, Mr. Ramakrishna said.

Currently, it is available only for CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) customers only, but in a couple of weeks, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) users will be added.

Existing customers can upgrade their services to Wi-Fi.

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