If the pace of computerisation of Wakf records in the State is slow, blame it on the lack of clarity about the nature of work. Most of the Inspector Auditors tasked with the job are busy fixing the boundaries, which have already been surveyed and fixed.

Ever since the computerisation programme started on September 25, the Wakf Board staff has computerised the data of just 89 properties, while other States have completed 50 per cent of the work. Andhra Pradesh has 38,000 Wakf institutions as per the first survey done in 1964 and 70,000 as per the second survey report.

The tardy pace of work came in for sharp criticism by M. Dana Kishore, secretary, Minorities Welfare Department, who chaired the State-level coordination committee meeting here on Wednesday. “Why are you surveying the boundaries? Are you trained surveyors?,” Mr. Kishore asked the Inspector Auditors attending the training programme.

Later, he hinted at the appointment of 23 surveyors, one for each district. Right now, the Wakf Board has only one surveyor for the entire State. Mr. Kishore further asked each Inspector to computerise 30 institutions per day.

He pulled up the Inspectors of Kurnool and Anantapur for busying themselves with the survey work. Out of the 1,100 Wakf institutions and 24,000 acres of land in Kurnool district, only 30 properties have been computerised.

Many inspector auditors betrayed lack of knowledge of the number of Wakf properties in their districts, while some failed to give proper replies on the work done.

Mohd. Khaleequr Rahman, member, State-level coordination committee, said that the government sanctioned Rs.25 crore for computerisation programme in the country. For Andhra Pradesh, Rs. 27 lakh had already been released and the central computing facility was functioning on the seventh floor of Haj House.

The programme is intended to streamline record keeping, ensure transparency through a single web-based centralised application.

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