Police make enquiries with officials about a person named Nurul Basheer

Did a Pakistani national ever work in the Haj House here? This question is doing the rounds at the Haj House which is home to several minority offices following discreet enquiries made by the police the other day.

A couple of personnel from the intelligence department visited the Haj House located in Nampally on Tuesday and met Wakf Board chairman Syed Ghulam Afzal Biabani, Urdu Academy secretary S.A. Shukoor, and other officials in this connection.

They wanted to know whether a person by name Nurul Basheer worked in their offices during the last six months. The officials informed the police personnel that no such person was on their rolls now or in the past.

The Wakf Board chairman even gave the list of employees working. While officials were puzzled at the enquiry and wondered how the police got this information, sources in the intelligence department said the inquiry was part of verification of foreigners overstaying in the city.

Pakistan nationals are sizeable in numbers among foreigners visiting and residing in Hyderabad.

Inquiries about Basheer were part of gathering details about foreigners staying in city beyond permitted time, intelligence officers said when contacted.

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