Five environment activists participated in day-long token fast on Saturday, seeking protection of city lakes, with special emphasis on Ramanthapur Lake.


The fast was undertaken by activists from the voluntary organisation ‘Prakriti', from 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., near the Hyderabad Public School at Ramanthapur.

In worst condition

“Ramanthapur Lake is in worst condition. Garbage is thrown into it indiscriminately, leading to breeding of mosquitoes and houseflies. It stinks, and is encroached by structures. We are demanding de-silting of the lake, development of lakeside greenery and improvement in water quality,” said K.L.Vyas, secretary of ‘Prakriti' who sat for the token fast.

No response

Despite many letters written to the authorities concerned, there has been no response, he said.

The organisation sought constitution of single authority to protect lakes, and special High Court bench to hear environment cases.

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