The 4-km stretch from Barkas to Pahadisharif is without streetlights

It is a road that leads to the sparking Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, but none of its glow is visible here. Instead, one has to commute through an ill-lit thoroughfare to reach either the airport or numerous colonies that fall en route to the world-class facility.

The 4 km stretch from Barkas to Pahadisharif is without streetlights compounding the problems of the people using the thoroughfare. The road is not only used by the airport-bound traffic, but also hundreds of people to reach their homes situated in about two dozen-odd localities en route to the airport.

As the sun sets for the day, the road-users, especially pedestrians and two-wheeler riders, are left at the mercy of the bigger vehicles that temporary light up the roads. However, the short-lighting alternative reduces to zero after 10 p.m. when there is hardly any traffic here.

One has to drive through a pothole-riddled stretch at Errakunta, Sadatnagar and Shaheennagar. “Many a time people have fallen down after landing their vehicles in the ditches,” Inayath Baig, a local resident of Shaheennagar, complains. The road stretch was to be developed on a war footing and was to be completed before the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport became operational. Nevertheless, nothing of that sort has happened here.

“In contrast, the Shamshabad road is glittering. Why this step-motherly treatment?” wonders Syed Ahmed Khan, a businessman from Sadatnagar. Locals complain of a lot of problems due to inadequate lighting on the main thoroughfare. “Women are afraid of moving around after sunset. What if someone misbehaves or snatches money or jewellery from them using the cover of darkness?” asks a local resident.

Motorists feel the authorities should take up installation of the streetlights before the monsoon becomes widespread. “There are many water stagnation points on this stretch and it is very difficult for us to drive during the monsoon season,” Sabeer Ahmed points out.

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