Many a rozadar makes it a point to partake of the sahri

Come Ramzan and the daily routine in Muslim households goes for a toss. Not just the eating habits, sleep and work schedule too undergoes a change. Worship takes precedence over everything else and other tasks are adjusted accordingly.

In most houses, the idiot box is put on the backburner or simply shut down for the month. Ramzan is the time when every effort is made to overcome the base instincts to attain the heights of piety.

The month of fasting sure has a drastic impact on the lifestyles. Lights switch on as early as 3.30 in the morning with preparation for sahr, the pre-dawn meal. Of course getting out of bed and fighting drowsiness is not easy. It is a race against time, literally. Food has to be prepared and eaten before the siren goes. Waking up youngsters is quite a task but it is accomplished through sweet-talk and cajoling.

Act of worship

There is bonhomie at the dastarkhwan, both at the time of shar and iftar. There is an immense sense of sharing and caring. Many find it difficult to eat so early but nevertheless do partake of the sahri as it is considered an act of worship. There is no going back to sleep after sahr. The men leave for the mosques for the ‘Fajr' prayers while the women pray at home.

Every member of the household tries to devote more and more time for the recital of the Quran since the month of fasting is the period when the scriptures were revealed. Women, of course, are the most hard-pressed as they have to catch up with the household chores and yet find time for additional prayer. For working women it is much more taxing.

Joy of rozadars

The lost sleep is made good during the day. While government servants are permitted to leave at 4 p.m, private businesses and offices adjust their working hours during the month. Everyone tries to be at home in time for iftar. Before sunset, the family gathers at the dining table and waits for the siren. This time is utilised for supplicating God to seek His mercy.

The delight felt by the rozadars at iftar is indescribable. Never does a date or a slice of apple feel so tasty or bring such joy. Iftar over there is no time for a large meal yet. One has to head for the Maghrib prayers. Thereafter, there is just enough time to finish the meal and head for the Isha prayers followed by the special Taraweeh which takes at least two hours. As one returns tired and falls asleep it is soon time to wake up for the sahr again.

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