Cases were booked against errant vendors, who were found using tampered weights, resulting in reduction of at least half a kg

The next time when you visit a nearby market to buy mangoes, check the weights being used by the vendors. Several of them at Kothapet fruit market were found to be taking customers for a ride by using tampered weights.

Customers are getting a minimum of half-kg less for every kilo of mangoes purchased. The modus operandi is simple: fruit sellers cut the back portion of cast iron weights using gas welding machine and fill the empty portion with adhesives and cover it with black paint to prevent people from identifying that the weights were tampered with, said Ranga Reddy district Assistant Controller V. Srinivas.

He said the vendors engage customers in unnecessary conversation and carry out their business effortlessly by using tampered weights. These vendors use faulty weights ranging from two kgs, one kg to even half-a-kilo.

“We booked cases against these fruits sellers under Legal Metrology Act and 60 tampered weights were seized from them,” Mr. Srinivas explained.

The raids were conducted on a complaint to the Additional Director-General of Police and Legal Metrology Controller R.P. Thakur through an email. A ten-member team headed by the Regional Deputy Controller U. Vimal Babu checked the weights of over 50 vendors at the market. Of them, 25 were found to be using tampered weights and cheating the gullible customers.

“We have asked the Agriculture Market Committee not to allow these vendors to continue their business in the larger interest of customers,” he maintained.

He said plans have also been drawn up to put an end to the irregularities committed by fruits sellers in other markets too. A separate case was also booked against Balaji Weigh Bridge shop for committing irregularities resulting in losses to farmers and customers, he added.

Whom to contact

Have similar complaints? Contact Legal metrology officials by sending SMS to 94901 65619 or e-mail to ‘’.

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