The restrictions imposed as part of security measures for the last three days at the bustling Jagadish market will be lifted on Thursday.

Vehicles have not been allowed at the market due to security apprehensions and absence of surveillance cameras. Police decided to lift restrictions after traders installed surveillance cameras.

The market, which is noted for its mobile phone outlets, attracts close to 25,000 people every day and is one of the busiest commercial centres in the Abids area.

Police have placed barricades and blocked the roads leading to the market from the Chirag Ali Lane side and the Abids main road side. However, the move has resulted in hardship to people who cannot find a suitable place for parking.

“Customers are reluctant to park their vehicles on the Chirag Ali lane road for fear of traffic police. Some return without making any purchases,” says Fazalullah Baig, a shopkeeper.

The market attracts people from across the city and neighbouring districts and offers something for every kind of buyer. The place is filled with second-hand mobile phones to ‘box pieces’ (new ones) and Chinese made phones and accessories, too.

However, traders have been hit hard owing to the restrictions. They complain of fall in customer turnout and low business. “The daily turnover has come down to about 80 per cent in the last three days,” Khaleel, a trader said.

However, they hope that things will soon settle down as the work on installing surveillance cameras has almost been completed, and that they will be made operational by Thursday.

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