More automatic red light violation detecting systems soon

Rule breakers should be cautious. Traffic police has not just increased the fine amounts for signal jumping from Rs.200 to Rs.1,000, they have also installed devices that capture signal violations automatically.

The Automatic Red Light Violation Detection System (ARLVDS) are already active in six junctions and eight more will be brought under this system soon, Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Amit Garg said.

The six junctions will come online once the signal relocation work is completed, he said. The system follows a simple procedure. Whenever you jump a signal, cameras present at the junctions will automatically detect the violation and takes your photograph as a proof of violation. Police personnel will then use these pictures to raise an e-challan and post it to your address along with the proof of violation.

The cameras are equipped with powerful flash devices which can take a clear picture even during the nights, Mr. Garg said. ARVLDS is already functioning at KCP junction, KBR Park junction, Road No.1/10 Banjara Hills, Srinagar ‘T’ Junction, Jubilee Hills Check Post and Sweekar Upakaar Junction, and on an average more than 400 signal violators are booked by the police each day.

ARLVDS will help in booking the signal violators even when police personnel are not present in the vicinity, Mr. Garg said.

“Almost everyone follows traffic rules when police personnel are manning junctions. But some people tend to break the norms when junctions go unmanned. ARLVDS would be one of the better ways to encourage the motorists to abide by the rules even when police personnel are not present,” he explained.

The eight junctions, where the system will be reinstalled, are: VV Statue junction, SR Nagar junction, CPO junction, Patny junction, RTC Crossroads, Ravindra Bharathi junction, MJ Market and Madeena junction. These junctions were either affected due to the ongoing Metro Rail construction or due to the signal relocation for Hyderabad Traffic Integrated Management System.

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