Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan has directed the officials to complete all formalities on all key issues of State reorganisation in a systematic, fair and transparent manner by May 15.

The process should be completed well before the appointed day, June 2 when the two new States and elected governments would be in place.

Mr. Narasimhan reviewed the bifurcation done so far by various committees with the Chief Secretary P.K. Mohanty and senior officers at the Raj Bhavan here on Saturday.

The Finance Department officials in a presentation on employees allocation said it would be done strictly as per the guidelines by the State Advisory Committee to be constituted by the Union Government. He also explained the activities related to file inventory and copying of files and made available to both States, digitisation of all important files for storage and retrieval, division of movable and fixed assets, laws and court cases, training institutions.