Water Board sounds an SOS to government seeking sanction of Rs.55 crore to tide over the crisis

Brace up for thirsty days ahead. A grim situation faces Hyderabadis as levels sink in the principal reservoirs supplying water to the city. A worried Water Board has sounded an SOS to the government seeking sanction of Rs.55 crore to tide over the summer challenge.

Already contingency plans are in place for emergency pumping. Two pumps of 300 HP and 50 HP capacity are ready for installation in Himayatsagar and four at Osmansagar. By January 15, the pumps will be fixed and emergency pumping is likely to commence from mid-February. Authorities are also gearing up to install 15 to 20 heavy duty pumps in Singur reservoir.

The city is expected to experience a shortfall of 40 mgd in the peak summer. At present the Board is supplying 340 mgd. But what is more worrying for the Board is the pressure on it to release 2.5 tmc of water from the Singur reservoir for irrigation purpose. The quantum of water in Singur now, is one-third of what it was last year.

“The position is not at all comfortable in Singur and if water is released for irrigation, the situation in Hyderabad will worsen”, senior officials admit.

The present 1,699.866 feet water in Singur can last up to July and if it is released for irrigation then emergency pumping has to start from April. Authorities are pinning hopes on the groundwater to bale them out. As per the summer action plan, instructions are issued for repair of hand pump bores, power bore wells, static tanks, fixing of taps to public stand posts. There are now 6,102 bore wells and 1,386 static tanks. It is also proposed to hire 50 additional tankers to meet the demand during coming months. There will be no change in the present alternate day supplies, officials assure.

At present, the city gets 20 mgd from Osmansgar, 20 mgd from Himayathsagar, 120 mgd from Singur and Manjira and 180 mgd from Krishna Phase I and II.

Power shortage

Apart from water shortage, power crisis also worries officials. They hope that timely monsoon may come as rescue, otherwise the city will be in for another crisis.


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