‘Petite’ game developed by them showcases the beautiful journey of womanhood

Instead of treading the beaten path of blazing guns and dodging cars, these young gamers from the city decided to showcase the beautiful journey of womanhood through a unique game. This very game has helped 19-year-old Asar Dhandala and 20-year-old Prithvi Raj Pawar to beat hundreds of other gamers to reach the finals of the prestigious “Imagine Cup-2014” organised by Microsoft.

The game titled ‘Petite’ also won a Games Honourable mention under User Experience Challenge at the event.

Throwing more light on this game, Mr. Asar said, “Nowadays most of the games are based on cinematic format, but we patterned the game after books. This is an abstract and philosophical game which helps players to visualise. There are texts and puzzles which gets one hooked up to the game. The game is targeted at a mature audience, mostly aged 30 and above.”

The game revolves around the life of a woman and is divided into three stages — childhood, teenage and adulthood with various difficulty levels. Depending on the situation which she is in, the player has to let out her emotions and control them to stop the spherules which revolve around her.

Gamers also share that utmost care has been taken to add features to the game so as to make the whole experience a pleasant one. “We had taken special interest on the music front. The music is little in the early stages and then pumps up,” Mr. Prithvi chips in.

These students of Backstage Pass School of Gaming took three months to develop the game and another three months to fine tune and review it. Participating under the team name Seven Summits Studio, they would be participating in the finals of the event in the gaming category to be held later this month in Delhi.

If they manage to win the event, they would be representing India at the international level of the competition to be held in Seattle. The gamer duo plans to release the game later this year for mobile and PC users.

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