The City Central Library in Chikkadpally, which celebrated an inconspicuous golden jubilee last year, is the most sought-after place now for reasons other than its collection of thousands of books.

For students and candidates preparing for competitive examinations, it provides the much needed peaceful environment for uninterrupted study. Students lugging their chairs towards the library form a regular early morning sight these days in the Chikkadpally, RTC Crossroads and Ashoknagar areas.

Peace all around

It is not perchance that these areas also teem with institutes offering coaching for APPSC examinations. A majority of the students are candidates for Group-I and Group-II exams which are round the corner. Staying in shared rooms in nearby localities, they find the library a peaceful place for final preparation.

Studious applicants can be seen dotting the library's open spaces throughout the day, absorbed in study. It is one unusual place which is crowded, yet absolutely quiet for hours. Usually the chairs are turned towards the wall or towards the bushes, so that there cannot be any visual distraction. So, a chance entrant will only see the back of the chairs!

“I'm preparing for APPSC Group-II exams which are to be held next month, though my long term goal is Civils. I stay in a room with friends, but find the library premises peaceful for study. What I would read in two hours in the room, I can finish here in half-an-hour,” says C.Balu, a student of M.Tech. from JNTU.

Authorities considerate

S. Soujanya who is in her B.Pharmacy final year does not want to waste away her Sundays at home, so arrives at the library to study for the civil services exam.

There are also others such as Rajvardhan and Lavanya who spend hours daily in the library premises, grappling with accounts for their Chartered Accountancy studies.

The library authorities have been considerate enough to provide lighting up to 8 p.m., and indoor space for girls to study. They also allow the students to occupy the platform of the open air auditorium.

“They come in droves and demand us to open the gates even on holidays. Every day, 500 to 600 students come here to sit in the open space and study. The number keeps increasing as the Groups exams approach,” informed a librarian.


Library body puts on-demand scheme on holdSeptember 22, 2014

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