For many in urban and rural areas, watching a movie on the idiot box through satellite is not a new thing.

But such an experience of watching movie through satellite on 70 mm screen in a cinema theatre is certainly an unheard thing for many, particularly in Sangareddy of Medak district. However, the quality of picture is clear and the sound effect is also quite impressive.

The ongoing movie ‘Yagam', being screened at Rukmini Theatre in the town is being shown through satellite signal receiver.

A special signal receiving system was set up in the projector room from where the film is being screened. This was in addition to the dish antennae already put up on the top of the theater.

The arrangement is somewhat like this - The distributor will pay required amount to the producer for one week (28 shows – four shows on each day) for screening the cinema in a particular theatre.


Following the payment, the former will be directed to the satellite signal operator- here it is named UFO - who will issue a license with a particular number. Once the theatre management informs the signal operator the license number, he could show the movie for 28 shows. If the theatre management or the exhibitor wants to extend the period of the movie show for another week, he has to renew the license.

The new technology has reduced the work burden of rewinding the reel for workers. But at the same time it can cost the job of operator as well.

“Screening cinema through satellite solves the problem of bringing the reel from far off place and getting struck in the traffic. We are given one week training on operating the system. The job has been made easy and the viewers are more satisfied,” says M. Ravinder, operator at the theatre.

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