Money earmarked for banquet donated to the underprivileged

Ever heard of a charity in a wedding reception? A couple decided to celebrate their reception in a unique way.

Instead of treating their guests with sumptuous food and mouth-watering delicacies, they decided to use the money to help underprivileged children.

A doctor-couple Ainpur Arvind Gupta and his wife Savitha of Gandhinagar in Kavadiguda donated home utility items such as refrigerator, chairs, printers, blankets, carpets, books, utensils and playing equipment for children during the marriage reception of their son Ainpur Vamshi Gupta and Shilpa.

Expensive meal

The idea struck Dr. Arvind when he was attending a marriage reception where a plate meal was charged Rs.800. Surprised by such huge amounts being spent for the food, he decided to invite less privileged children and donate half of the money spent on food on utility items.

Over 2,000 guests, who attended his son's reception at Pingali Venkatram Reddy function hall, Lower Tank Bund, were surprised, and appreciated the idea.