Representatives of recognised national and State political parties at a review meeting called by Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Bhanwarlal on Wednesday suggested wide publicity be given to make voters aware that they were to cast two votes — one each for Parliament and Assembly constituency.

They said it was important for people to remember that the first voting compartment pertained to Parliamentary constituency (PC) and the second, for the Assembly constituency (AC). They should also be told about the colour of the ballot paper — white for PC and pink for AC — on the ballot unit in the voting compartments. The suggestion was accepted by the CEO.

Mr. Bhanwarlal explained the latest guidelines of the Election Commission on use of vehicles, Internet and social networking sites and prohibition of public meetings during the 48-hour period ending with the hour fixed for conclusion of poll, delivery of ink, signed copy of Form A & B by contesting candidates to Returning Officers before 3 p.m. on April 19 in Seemandhra districts.

Also, he detailed the guidelines for last date of nominations and single window system set up at offices of the District Election Officer/Returning Officer for permissions to hold public meetingsand the like. As for enforcement of the model code of conduct, Mr. Bhanwarlal said thus far Rs.103.39 crore of cash, 70 kg of gold, 300 kg of silver and 3,76,830 litres of illicit liquor were seized. In all, 19,043 licensed arms were deposited with the authorities and of 31,572 non-bailable warrants pending execution when polls were announced, 29,540 were served and 2,032 were pending.

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