In a city where everyone is on a run, CCTV cameras stand as silent sentinels faithfully recording the ongoing incidents hour after hour. It is these cameras that give the crucial information to the authorities in the eventuality of any accident or other exigencies.

In spite of the crucial role that these cameras play in regulating and monitoring the daily activity, only 90 cameras, out of a total of 195 installed, are functioning in the city. While some are not working, others do not have proper connectivity and are thus rendered useless.

But if the efforts of the traffic police fructify, all the installed cameras will be functional within the next two months. What more? Traffic police are also planning to procure more cameras and cover all the junctions in the city. “We presently have only 90 cameras in working condition, but we have initiated the process of getting the faulty cameras repaired,” Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) C.V. Anand said.

Steps were also being taken up to connect all the cameras and integrate them with a control room, Mr. Anand said. “These cameras will help in monitoring the real time situation in the city and will help traffic, law and order and other branches of police to keep a tight vigil,” he explained.

Apart from the 195 cameras already installed in the city, traffic police are also procuring additional cameras and are planning to bring the total to 355 cameras, covering all junctions in the city, he said. The connectivity problem is also being addressed and the cameras will be provided with dedicated fibre optic lines. BSNL is being roped in to complete this job, he said.

UPS supply

“In the past, many cameras became unserviceable due to voltage fluctuations and frequent power cuts. To avoid recurrence of this problem, we are planning to provide all the cameras with their own dedicated UPS supply,” he added.

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