People in West Asia and Middle East are looking for freedom from oppression and are hoping for democracy to prevail.

This is what some members of the caravan that travelled all the way up to Gaza from Asia informed here on Friday.

Aid distributed

Over 120 activists, including 50 Indians had travelled to Gaza and returned back after delivering food, medical and other aid worth 1 million dollars.

Some members of the caravan were felicitated here at a special programme, where they shared their experiences of the journey.

One such member, Gauhar Iqbal, convenor of Palestine Solidarity Movement, said the caravan had travelled across Pakistan, Iran, Jordan and other countries and informed that the common refrain among the locals was freedom from oppression.

“All through our journey, people cutting religions and nations gathered in large numbers and welcomed the caravan. Along with us, they too prayed for peace and extended their solidarity to the people of Palestine,” said Mr. Iqbal.

Countries that boast of practising democracy are trying to oppress people of Palestine and their rights. With vested interests, they are practising non-democratic principles, said Dr. Suresh Khairnar, Convenor of All India Secular Forum and a caravan member.

Shares experience

Feroze Mithiborwala, president of India Palestine People's Solidarity Forum, who led the caravan, also shared his experiences.

He said very shortly, another caravan would travel to Gaza.

Later, these members were felicitated by Mahmoud Safari Farkhud, Consul General of Islamic Republic of Iran – Hyderabad and AP Legislative Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar.

Addressing on the occasion, Mr. Farkhud said India and Iran will have to work in coordination to promote peace and strive for freedom of the people, who are oppressed.

Appreciating the efforts of caravan members, Mr. Nadendla Manohar said Andhra Pradesh would always extend its help for such a noble cause.

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