This constituency mostly constitutes of people migrated from different parts of the State

When it rains for more than one hour, majority of the colonies in Ameerpet, Sanathnagar, Balkampet, Padmaraonagar and Begumpet are covered under sheets of water. All these divisions are part of Sanathnagar Constituency, which has other civic issues like bad roads, overflowing drains, traffic and haphazard parking to be dealt with.

After delimitation, part of Ramgopalpet and Begumpet, Bansilalpet are merged with Sanathnagar Constituency and every division has over 30,000 voters. Of the seven divisions, three divisions, including Balkampet, Padmaraonagar and Begumpet are reserved for women.

Settlers, who migrated from different regions of the State, have settled in almost all the divisions in the constituency. They constitute majority of the voters in the constituency and their votes could be a crucial factor in deciding the fate of contestants.

Playing the distribution of house pattas card, all parties and independent candidates are luring the voters with emphasis on provision of basic amenities.

Though TRS party claims to have a stronghold in several divisions of this constituency, Congress MLA Shashidhar Reddy was elected from the constituency three times consecutively. However, with TRS withdrawing to contest from GHMC elections there would be a keen contest between TDP and Congress candidates. But the Congress party is plagued with internal differences among leaders and activists and quite a few rebel candidates are in the fray in couple of divisions. For instance, Padmaraonagar Congress candidate Rajni Devi is alleged to be a non-local and Shilam Prabhakar from Ramgopalpet division is contesting as a Congress rebel. A keen contest is expected between Congress and TDP candidates in Ameerpet, Balkampet, Padmaraonagar and Begumpet divisions.

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