Cooperation of citizens sought for the success of the drive

With the deadline of June 30 for banning plastic bags in the capital fast approaching, the search for a viable alternative to the plastic bag is gaining momentum.

On Friday, Hyderabad Mayor Banda Karthika Chandra Reddy along with several organisations who have come together for ‘Operation - Clean Hyderabad Bag,' appealed individuals, organisations, institutions and corporate companies to co-operate and strive for the success of the drive being taken up to promote cloth bags.

The ‘Operation – Clean Hyderabad Bag' aims to produce and provide five lakh cloth bags as the ban on plastic bags comes into effect. To realise this target, Major (retired) Shiva Kiran, president, Sukuki Exnora, said that the drive is aimed at collecting cloth through donations from the public.

Any old cloth like bed sheets, sarees, curtain cloth and even pillow covers or unstitched cloth can be useful in this endeavour, he said. As for the stitching, he said that SETWIN training centres and many self-help groups are willing to stitch these bags for as little as Rs 2.50 per bag.

As the operation is still evolving, modalities like collecting the cloth, distribution and pricing are being finalised, said D. Gita, an activist. She also said that for the success of this endeavour, citizens should come out with innovative ideas and actively participate in this initiative. This is the time for all citizens to come together in their effort to save this city from the menace of pollution, she said.

Citizens can join ‘Clean Hyderabad Cloth Bag Campaign' page in Facebook to participate in this movement. The organisers of ‘Operation – Clean Hyderabad Bagcan also be contacted on 98490 47827, 98852 00195.

For any queries and suggestions organisers can be reached through email ID at