Drug peddlers continue to find new modes of smuggling drugs into Hyderabad.

This time, Suresh, a driver of a private bus from Goa, was found carrying five grams of cocaine hidden in a magazine at Golconda on Saturday. On a tip-off, the West zone special team Inspector Khaleel Pasha and the Golconda Inspector Waheeduddin raided the bus at Deccan Park near Qutub Shahi tombs.

Thorough search

“Initially, the driver denied possessing any drug. But, we had specific information that he was bringing cocaine in a magazine,” Mr. Waheeduddin said. The policemen thoroughly searched the 200 pages of the magazine made of high quality paper, but nothing was found. After careful examination for a second time, the police team found a page uneven.

They tore it open and found five small packets with one gram of cocaine inside each packet.

Good quality

As the paper was of good quality, the driver peeled the upper layer to split the page into two. “He placed the packets inside and pasted the two papers making it difficult for us to spot them,” the Inspector said.

The drug and the private bus were seized.

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