Will TSRTC or TGSRTC be the new name of the State Road Transport Corporation, post- bifurcation? That’s one of the key questions doing the rounds at Bus Bhavan, the corporate office of the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.

As the appointed day of June 2 for Telangana to become the 29th State of India nears, the excitement in the APSRTC headquarters is palpable.

The senior management, comprising members of what has come to be called the ‘bifurcation committee’ is busy giving the final touches to the new Telangana SRTC, while also distributing the assets. The basis for division would be in the ratio of 58:42 for residuary Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, aver senior officials. Of the current sanctioned strength of 1,34,460, it will be 69,359 for APSRTC and 62,801 for Telangana SRTC.

The total number of buses in the fleet is 19,426, with an additional 3,215 that are hired buses. While the APSRTC will get 10,362 own buses and 1,873 of the hired ones, Telangana SRTC will get 9,064 and 1,342 respectively in its fleet, operating out of 122 and 94 depots respectively. There will be 12 and 11 regions while the number of zones will be four and three respectively.

A senior official said the ‘A’ wing in the Bus Bhavan will be the headquarters of the APSRTC, while ‘B’ wing where Vice-Chairman and Managing Director J. Poornachandra Rao currently sits will house the corporate office of the Telangana SRTC. APSRTC will get five workshops while its younger cousin will be left with two only. As for the tyre retreading shops, it will be four and three, as also the zonal staff training colleges. “All assets will be divided in the 58:42 ratio,” a senior official said.

At the end of February in the fiscal 2013-14, APSRTC incurred a loss of Rs. 707.37 crore, with the accumulated losses over the year estimated at about Rs. 4,600 crore. As for the assets, the liabilities (losses) too will be divided in the same ratio.

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