Traffic police are contemplating allowing traffic on reverse direction on one arm of the Punjagutta ‘Y' flyover landing before Chutneys for faster clearance of vehicles during peak hours.

For this, they are planning to relocate the median abutting the flyover's arm near Chutneys and install a gate along it.

Traffic coming from Jubilee Hills and heading towards Punjagutta and Begumpet gets choked before Chutneys because of narrow road space.

Instead of sending vehicles coming from Jubilee Hills side beneath the flyover, we will install a gate on the median and send them onto the flyover to get off after Monappa Island and proceed further,” the traffic police officials said on Thursday.

A second gate would be installed along the median at the end of the flyover.

New plan

The vehicles would move through this gate, reach Fortune Royal Hotel and proceed further towards Begumpet or take ‘U' turn towards Raj Bhavan. The new plan, traffic police hope, would help them clear the convoys of Chief Minister or Governor while coming from Madhapur to Begumpet. Presently, the entire traffic is being diverted at NTR Trust building towards Cancer Hospital to give way to the convoys.

While allowing the traffic onto the arm of Punjagutta ‘Y' flyover in reverse direction from Chutneys side, the vehicles coming from Greenlands and Begumpet would be directed to move beneath the flyover, cross the Punjagutta junction, NFCL Road and Graveyard compound and head towards Green Mosque.

The police had decided to relocate the divider near the Green Mosque where vehicles going from Punjagutta to Banjara Hills get choked because of narrow road space. The road space on the other side of the median and before SMD Mall is wider. “The median would be shifted one metre towards SMD mall creating wider space before the mosque for vehicles to pass by it faster,” they said.

Traffic Police Additional Commissioner, C.V. Anand, and GHMC Additional Commissioner, S. Subba Rao, visited the spot and okayed the proposal.

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